What We Do

We are on a mission to make the first step in RPA Journey smooth and easy for all students and fresher.


We mentor RPA ROOKIES or experienced professional switching their career in RPA to grow in the RPA Industry

How Do We Do It

We'll Just Go Through These 4 Easy Steps


Let's Have a Quick Discussion

Every ROOKIE shares his/her questions with their companion rookies and they always have a discussion to learn from each other.


Learning From Mistakes

We not only focus on successful oucomes but we always learn from our mistakes and failures as well that helps every ROOKIE grow.


Weekly Connect

We connect every week to share our learnings with each other about anything new that we learned or explored.


Motivating Each Other

Every new ROOKIE is welcomed with great enthusiasm and within no time is part of the amazing group of people.

Listen To Our Podcast On Spotify

The RPA Podcast that helps you learn within 5 minutes.

Let's Talk

If you're a ROOKIE in the RPA Industry and looking for mentor ship you're at the right place.